Lantern Partners was founded to help build Australia’s entrepreneur economy by empowering fast-growth businesses to excel. We thrive on partnering with businesses that are creating changes, disrupting and making a difference. Whether you're taking your business to market or taking it to the next level – you're chasing growth, and we find this inspiring.


We’re dedicated to illuminating your path to accelerated growth and giving you back your freedom to innovate‭. ‬We do this by empowering you with succinct information that delivers clarity around your numbers for easy and effective decision-making and problem‭-‬solving‭.


We champion entrepreneur success‭, ‬and that means we roll up our sleeves to help you excel‭. ‬Instead of being your virtual CFO‭, ‬we‭’‬re your hands-on CFO -‬‭ ‬on the ground when you need us‭, ‬and a strategic mentor when you don’t‭.

Advisory through the lens of your vision

We know where you want to go‭, ‬and we work to help get you there‭. ‬By combining our extensive experience both in top-tier traditional accounting firms and within industry‭, ‬we deliver financial insights, ‬ongoing reporting and training with a deep understanding of your business strategy and vision‭.

Our Services

Our proven financial advisory solutions will be tailored towards your individual ambitions and requirements.

  • Interim CFO support
  • Cashflow forecasting and management
  • Strategic support and stakeholder management
  • Building and coaching your in-house finance team
  • Financial modelling
  • Transaction support
    • Preparing your business for sale
    • Preparation for due diligence
    • Post deal support and integration
  • Business case support
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Board and shareholder reporting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Making sure you can sleep at night, knowing your financials are being looked after