We're truly passionate about, and motivated by, the growth-minded businesses we partner with. Our hands-on, tailored approach means you work with a trusted Lantern Partner, mentor and CFO who is dedicated to illuminating your path to growth for a bright future.

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Clarity and focus

We ensure you have this in spades. We ask the right questions to understand your key business issues and then deliver the right reporting and analyses to assist you with fast and tough decision-making.


We understand your business requirements may change. Instead of locking you in, we give you the freedom to work with us as needed. Often, we begin working intensely and then, when the time is right, we transition you to a more permanent solution.


Being approachable and personable sets us apart from the average accountant, and we like that. We’re known for our numbers, but also our ability to talk about them – person to person.


Whether it’s in your office, by your side at meetings or consulting from afar, you’ll enjoy expert advice where and when you need it.


We value the big picture whether it’s your company’s or the economy’s. We work with you to future proof your business using up-to-date knowledge, services, technology and solutions that evolve with you. Then, we keep you ahead of the curve with mentoring and training as required.


Support for growing global business

Business Type: Digital Marketing Agency
Industry: Technology
Global Reach: Australia and US

Lantern Partners teamed up with a growing Australian business that had recently completed a capital raise to fund expansion into the US. As a result, it needed additional commercial finance support to grow its in-house finance support, manage the overseas compliance requirements and increase the quality of board and shareholder reporting.

We worked with the business to transition the financing requirements with EFIC and manage cashflow through the expansion. We are now working with the business through the next stage of its amazing growth.


Preparation for sale, deal support and post transaction support

Business Type: Content Marketing Agency
Industry: Communications
Global Reach: APAC, US and UK

Lantern Partners worked with this content marketing agency to prepare them for the sale of their business. In collaboration with the executive team, we built a financial model that reflected the historical results and key business drivers so they could articulate the trajectory of the business clearly.

We led the agency's small finance team, including recruiting a vacant finance manager role, to prepare the data room for due diligence while ensuring the historical results were accurate and supportable. We also provided transaction support to the business through the due diligence process, working with the broker and legal advisors to provide supplementary information to potential acquirers.

After the successful completion of the deal, Lantern Partners worked with the listed acquiring company to integrate the financials of the business and also the finance team. This involved providing monthly group reporting and forecasting and adapting the format to the new group requirements. We also assisted in recruiting further finance staff to support the growing business.