Having trouble sleeping? Part 2

September 3, 2019 | INSIGHT

Over the years I’ve had many similar conversations with business owners who were struggling with having no one to confide in about the risk, the pressure and the options available for the business.  So much so that it’s now become a key part of how we support growing businesses.

Here’s how we help founder CEOs sleep at night

  • Cashflow management

The key reason for sleepless nights is the fear of running out of cash.  We work with you to get visibility of your cashflow forecast.  We then work with you to mitigate shortfalls, initially short term to get you balanced again and then longer term so you can avoid those unexpected pinch points altogether.

  • Quick visibility of financial results

So many businesses we encounter, have only been used to seeing their financial results as part of ATO compliance cycles ie. When their BAS or corporate tax is due.  This just isn’t good enough, especially when systems like Xero give you near to live information.  We’ll help you review and analyse your financial information quickly so that you can make decisions with confidence.

  • Visibility of financial and non financial metrics

What is it that really makes your business tick?  When you are IN the business it can be hard to know if you are concentrating on the right thing.  We help you work ON the business.  Which clients are making you money and which ones might you need to let go?  Which products or offerings are high margin?  Where should you focus your energy to get most bang for your buck

  • Scenario analysis and business casing

Sometimes choice can be overwhelming, with multiple options available and lack of confidence in how to go forward.  We’ll help you get clarity around the options available to you and show you the financial impact of those choices on your current financial trajectory.  We’ll help you step forward with less fear.

  • Building and mentoring in house finance teams

Often we help recruit, train and mentor the first in house finance staff.  It can be hard to know what the right scope is for the first in house finance person if that isn’t your personal area of expertise and also what constitutes “great” for your business at this stage.  We can help you pick that person and then ensure they stay with the business and continue to grow by training and mentoring them.

In short we’ll give you

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Reassurance
  • Accountability

And most importantly we’ll help getting that good night’s sleep, much more attainable.